My First Blog Post!

YOSH to myself and perhaps some passers-by here and there. I’ve always wanted to have a blog, especially when one looks at all the different kinds of amazing blogs reflecting the person’s own lives, imparting interesting knowledge, or just for plain entertainment. Anyways, to my future self: my own reason for setting up this page is mainly to keep track of what I read/see/experience daily, so as to derive learning experiences to improve my (cough) humble (cough) self. Just like why some people keep a diary, let me manage this blog to write my thoughts out fully, maybe remind myself to do some productive and effective (cue #Stephen R. Covey!), delve deeper into ordinary occurrences in my life and learn from it.

Anyhow, here’re some reasons I picked out from sources all over on why I/you should have a blog:
1. To :LEARN more & see deeper into things
-> writing down (either permanently with pen on paper or like this) what one has recently read/saw/yepyep helps one to remember the event more vividly as well as creating deeper connections on what/why/how/impact the incident happened, also linking it across other information (something like across multi-discplinary subjects) to gain a clearer overall picture. Writing it out forces one to think about the experience more deeply and perhaps read up on relevent topics to more thoroughly understand it (increasing your general knowledge too! KNOWLEDGE IS POWAAAAH — though of course with understanding of its application.). It also pushes you to express your experience in your own words and hence

2. Become a better writer, with your own unique opinion (self-explanatory)

On the same note, writing down your experiences shapes you in a way such that it
3. You become more MINDFUL and in the PRESENT
-> (In my opinion,) as one writes down daily happenings and experiences, one becomes more aware of what had actually transpired and hopefully reflect on that experience. For instance suppose you had a quarrel with your parents – just like every other day – and write it down (but no ranting please!) without any of your accumulated angst and interfering emotions clouding your insight. Then THINK and QUESTION yourself: what led up to this argument?Why did this happen (so frequently)? What can I do to avoid this unconstructive event that leaves everyone so unhappy? … or something like that {haha I’m sorry if I don’t make sense but isn’t that point 2?} So anyhow, writing it down can help you reflect on your own behaviour and attitude towards something/someone (called practising introspection), and nudges you to be more conscious and aware of how you act when you get into a similar situation again.

Of course there are many other reasons for and benefits of managing a blog (or keeping a diary), but I can’t think of those right now. Besides personal reasons, blogging can be to expand and grow one’s business or whatever too. One can turn to the Internet for inspiration like this: I’ve also referred to these particular sources:

So good luck to me on my adventure! Cheers!