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The Clash of Contrarian (and often Opposing) Views

Even though what those awkward dissenters say may be counter-intuitive at first, at least they introduce another view challenging some norm of ours. Sometimes they may have been myopic, sometimes they may actually be right, though they often get put down legally or socially. But either way, I think they always teach us something. For example, those climate change “deniers” show us that the facts and science behind it has not been delivered clearly, that not many people fully and truly understand the seriousness of the issue or even the simplest facts. In fact I myself have been fooled several times by their picking at loopholes which I didn’t know how to counter. In my country, Roy Ngerng and his blog, The Heart Truths ( have made me realise how stupid I am, because I have actually not given much – if any – thought to the country, the world around me. While he may have somehow incurred the wrath of the government, I feel that his views and opinions are valid and sound and not quite “defamatory”. Society just isn’t too accepting of contrarian (are they really?) views, is it?

Anyway I think everyone should be respected regardless of how contrarian their views are or how backward it may be. It only goes to show that we don’t understand where they are coming from.

Don’t be beaten by your Mistakes; Beat them back down!

In summary, what I learnt from this intriguing article are:

  • it’s okay to slow things down
  • errors spotted must be eradicated (or at least tackled) immediately and precisely
  • work on those areas where you have difficulty in until you correct your mistakes
  • remember to practise a few more times to “stabilise” your successful attempts!

Practice makes permanent. Practice can make perfect both a successful and an error-filled attempt. If we keep practicing the wrong thing, or let our mistakes slide, we’d only just be making such imperfections permanent. There was a comment saying that when encountering potential areas of difficulty while practising the violin, one should “shadow-play” or play the “air-violin” because “Mistakes that are made before they are audible do not ‘stick’.” It makes sense in a way, however weird it may sound.

Anyway, I just came up with this cool quote. Okay maybe it’s lame. But whatever. So moral of the story is: “Don’t be beaten by your Mistakes; Beat them back down!”


Sometimes we need to step back from our own perspective to look at it from another person’s perspective to understand why others may think differently.