Don’t be beaten by your Mistakes; Beat them back down!

In summary, what I learnt from this intriguing article are:

  • it’s okay to slow things down
  • errors spotted must be eradicated (or at least tackled) immediately and precisely
  • work on those areas where you have difficulty in until you correct your mistakes
  • remember to practise a few more times to “stabilise” your successful attempts!

Practice makes permanent. Practice can make perfect both a successful and an error-filled attempt. If we keep practicing the wrong thing, or let our mistakes slide, we’d only just be making such imperfections permanent. There was a comment saying that when encountering potential areas of difficulty while practising the violin, one should “shadow-play” or play the “air-violin” because “Mistakes that are made before they are audible do not ‘stick’.” It makes sense in a way, however weird it may sound.

Anyway, I just came up with this cool quote. Okay maybe it’s lame. But whatever. So moral of the story is: “Don’t be beaten by your Mistakes; Beat them back down!”


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