Just Neutral (2 Mar)

It’s okay to not feel anything right right. We don’t need to be happy, or sad, or nervous, or whatever right right. We’re not obligated to, right right. I mean, it’s fine to be neutral, right right.

I don’t get it. I mean I get why people are nervous and anxious and all when they are anticipating the results of their major examinations or stuff like that, but it’s also fine if I myself stay neutral, right right? Or is that something wrong, like a crime to not feel anything. And it’s not because I know I will do well or I will do well but it’s just because… just because.

Okay this is going to be short (or it already is) because I still don’t understand this part of the human psyche. So note to self: I’ll read up on it, someday.

Anyway it’s fine to just feel neutral, I assure myself. No need those sweaty palms, or palpitating heart, or racing thoughts. It’s also fine to just feel neutral if I get this unexpected results, where people would usually be jumping in joy, rushing to hug their friends and whatnot. It’s fine feeling neutral.


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