Regret (7 Mar)

I regretted today (7 mar), and that’s not how life should work – even though that’s what it does best. I was reminded of what my mentor for the internship said: never have regrets. Okay that’s not what he exactly said, but more like: no regrets in this internship ah. Like nothing you really really wish to do but didn’t, because after this internship no chance liao.” … Okay or maybe something along those lines, I can’t remember.

So anyway because of unforeseen delays and stuff like that, I couldn’t attend the talk and tour that I needed. So is like, I went to the uni’s open house and left not really having any insights into my desired course and all, though that should have been or was the purpose of the open house right. So I regretted. You know, like all those “if only…” so and so. Then I was kinda, or pretty, miffed about that fact when I realised it. And that that was the only chance to change my life path or sth.

I tried not to, but couldn’t help but be super self-absorbed and annoyed with everything, including at my friend. Luckily it did pass if after a looong while, like when we were on the way home.

Also, during the day I couldn’t stop thinking about my interaction with Banana (which prompted the previous post) and how everything’s wrong and screwed up. But anyway, the thing is: do not vent, my friend, DO. NOT. VENT. You have absolutely no right to. Whatever you’re annoyed about is yourself. The problem lies with you, and IS you. So deal with it, not others.

Anyway back to the topic about regret. There are many things – and opportunities man, freaking opportunities everywhere – for us to regret something about. Like stepping out of the exam hall and suddenly Eureka! but at the wrong moment (#Kickass Grandpa Randy), missing good opportunities such as an overseas learning experience, choosing the wrong left to take when straight ahead was your destination, etc etc. I would like to leave with this note on regret wrt to try– ouch! okaaay, wrt to doing.


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