Writing about what is boring and tedious – which is probably why I have not attended to my blog for so long. Nothing really happens in my life. But then I pondered and ruminated and munched on my nuts, and wondered, “But that’s not the point of my blog, is it.” The point is: to write about the whys and hows of things, to reflect and learn my lessons yo. Like remember all the little small notes you tucked into your brain but forget and all the little small notes you did write some stuff on. So I got to it. Somewhat. Now I really do need to find all those mini slips of paper I placed – or misplaced – somewhere…

SO ANYWAYS (A HA HA sudden change of topic), I’ve just rushed my university applications for NUS & NTU and scholarship application for NTU and soooo very reluctantly and hesitantly sms-ed my JC chem tchr for a referral and also submitted these info to NEA for that NEW scholarship and called (or replied that missed call) for that other NEA env green officer job and ran in the morning today and yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. Life feels complete now… or maybe not. I suck at writing emails. Like, it can’t even be called an email since it’s more of an email-sms without the email in it. So yeah confusing ain’t it cuz life’s like that.

So… ONWARD (proper)!

{Let me give u a bit of a buffer though:

BUNNIES RULE ZE WOOOOOOOOORLD!!! with a chick side-kick. (c) http://ctboom.com/wp-content/uploads/177002767.jpg

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