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— me enters mostly empty study room —

Person already in the room says, “Sorry I’ll be a bit noisy here.” {or something like that, Person was having an e-conference}

Me replies, “Oh it’s okay.” -Sets stuff down on a nearby table-

+ other similar scenarios

^ I hate this.

I always subconsciously think that they’re (whoever they are) imposing or disturbing me like that, like they’re not supposed to and I’m being {cue sarcastic tone} oh so open and magnanimous as to not mind their disturbance. Zzz. And then there will always be this awkward silence/gap/atmosphere thingy. Before my stupid brain catches up.

Like, hello? I’m the one who is imposing. My response should have been: “Oh, do you mind if I just sit here?” or “Oh, am I disturbing?”. Because the problem lies with me man. It always have been and always will.

Dammit. I’m basically a selfish bastard aren’t I.


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