Getting myself to update my blog is soooo haaard..!! It takes way too much effort to stop staring at the TV screen, get off my phone, get off my arse, set up the computer and all.


Anyways going outside to explore and observe (or more like being forced to step outside my cozy home and having nothing to do but stare at things) does make me realise many things. I was running behind this person and was just wondering why her legs seemed to be moving so fast and then I tried matching my pace to hers but found that I was going faster and when I slowed my legs I still overtook her and then I just realised that my strides were always a tad too far apart and so I tried taking smaller steps and quickened my legs and found it too tiring and so yeah now I’ll be more conscious of taking quick steps instead of long strides cuz that’s weird.


Okay so anyways I’ve finally started my intern at NEA this Monday gosh was so weird at that time cuz everything’s so grown up and all and I’m like this childish immature weirdo freak out of Jupiter. I’ll just try and reflect on it on another post to separate more meaningful posts from this rambling one.


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