Getting myself to update my blog is soooo haaard..!! It takes way too much effort to stop staring at the TV screen, get off my phone, get off my arse, set up the computer and all.


Anyways going outside to explore and observe (or more like being forced to step outside my cozy home and having nothing to do but stare at things) does make me realise many things. I was running behind this person and was just wondering why her legs seemed to be moving so fast and then I tried matching my pace to hers but found that I was going faster and when I slowed my legs I still overtook her and then I just realised that my strides were always a tad too far apart and so I tried taking smaller steps and quickened my legs and found it too tiring and so yeah now I’ll be more conscious of taking quick steps instead of long strides cuz that’s weird.


Okay so anyways I’ve finally started my intern at NEA this Monday gosh was so weird at that time cuz everything’s so grown up and all and I’m like this childish immature weirdo freak out of Jupiter. I’ll just try and reflect on it on another post to separate more meaningful posts from this rambling one.


Ten Rules To Communicate Effectively 10

10) Provide Context and Explain Relevance

“You have to give people the “why” of a message before you tell them the “therefore” and the “so that.”… if it doesn’t matter to the intended audience, it won’t be heard. With so many messages and so many communication vehicles competing for our attention, the target audience must see individual, personal meaning and value in your words.”

Ten Rules To Communicate Effectively 09

9) Ask a Question

“Is it live, or is it Memorex?” “Where do you want to go today?” (Microsoft) “Can you hear me now?” (Verizon Wireless)… “Got Milk?” may be the most memorable print ad campaign of the past decade. The creator realized, whether intentionally or not, that it’s sometimes not what you say but what you ask that really matters.”

Random Shizzoodles (short story)

– Just For Fun :B –

These streets were like a bedlam. Throngs of rowdy people laughed and talked in unpleasantly loud voices. Coupled with the impatient honking of cars down the road, the tumultuous mix of cacophonies assaulted my sensitive ears, perked up for any suspicious noise. My ears hurt, and my nose and eyes stung from the foul stench of fuel. Even the weather hated me too, the cold seeping into my oversized frock coat and wrapping around my body in place of it.

But it could never make my warm hands cold.

I shivered at the thought, and clasped my hands – hidden beneath my coat – together to ease its trembling. My head pounded terribly, and I wanted to close my eyes, detach myself from this horrible reality and slip into the dark. But I could not. No matter how much I wanted to, I could not allow this temptation to lure me in. Nightmares wandered in the dark, waiting, waiting patiently for me when I would fail and fall into its arms.

My headache worsened, but I would not let it dull my senses. I still wasn’t safe – never will I be safe. I lowered my head into my cowl as I caught several people glancing in my direction – or was it at me? Regardless, I had to leave this place immediately.

Weaving, jostling and manoeuvring my way (drunk-running, actually) past hordes of people that seemed to have no end, I finally reached the porch of my current hostel. I stopped to catch my breath – mentally kicking myself for doing so – adjusted my coat from within and stepped into the place. The yellowish lighting and brown colours melded together as I hurried towards the elevator at the end. The elevator’s doors were opened, and lingered open for a while as though challenging me, mocking me. I picked up my pace, careful not to trip on my oversized coat’s hem, before breaking into a run as the doors started to close. I had no time to lose, and I was too desperate to pay attention to anything – or anyone – else as I ran with such speed sure to put a cheetah to shame.

As the elevator doors shut behind me, I allowed a transient wave of relief wash over me. At least I could still experience this satisfying sort of feeling while it lasted. And then I froze, the sudden uncomfortable silence and glares seeming to suffocate me. My permanently widened circles for eyes stared back at them. Some held slightly bewildered gazes while others just cocked an eyebrow and returned to space out in their own worlds. An old man coughed, his wrinkled face a shade too pale. He looked up, baggy eyelids making his already sad blue eyes look sadder. It reminded me of those eyes, cerulean irises filled with pain of different kinds. That befuddled and stupefied gaze transfixed on my own, those dilated pupils that locked themselves with my wide-eyed ones. That pale face, becoming more and more gaunt, waning as time trickled by…

I felt a sense of weightlessness as the support behind my back suddenly disappeared, followed by a hard thump, shooting fireworks behind my weary eyelids. I saw blurry figures advancing towards me, coming closer but no… no, no, go away, go away! I pushed on the floor with my heels, and tried to retreat from them. My mind vaguely registered several gasps, but I was too preoccupied to care. Those filthy hands… those revolting grins that spelt nothing but pain… I kicked at those shadowy forms, while trying to gain a footing with my other limbs. My foot connected with something solid, and one of the figures fell, the others went to help him. Seizing this brief chance, I scrambled to my feet, blundering away and along the corridor, feeling the walls with my hands since my legs were like jelly, not aware that I was leaving streaks of crimson behind…

Coincidentally, my unit was on this level. And I subconsciously found my way over to a door with a somewhat familiar numbered plaque on it. My body felt like a clown performing multiple acts at a time as I fumbled around the inner pocket of my coat. Grabbing what felt like a card, I clumsily swiped it at some strange, technological device. Something clicked and I burst into my unit.

Off… Get it off… My mind whirled for a bit, full of incoherent thoughts and screams and shadowy whispers. It hurt so much, so hard to hold all these horrors in. Somehow or another, I hit at something, and water burst out like liquid spewing from a leaked pipe. It was wet and cold. I tried to rub those awful stains off my hands, clawing at them, willing them to peel off my very skin. Scarlet drops flew everywhere, slowly soaking my cloak and flying into my mouth. I spat. It tasted disgusting, yet sweet at the same time. Of course it would, one of those voices in my head said mockingly. It should be a familiar one after all. I screwed my eyes shut, gnashed my teeth and growled deeply in my throat, willing those voices to shut up. My head pounded increasingly with every passing second. It all hurt. Everything ached. It was all just wrong. So very wrong. Why… Why did I do it?

Some force made me open my eyes and look up. Framed by the flying red droplets, a white face painted with all kinds of horror and fear stared back at me. Wet auburn hair sat like a disheveled mop on it. Its eyes drew me in, so beautiful yet frightening. Behind those astounding azure eyes, I knew, contained hell on a different level. They were a pair of hollow abysses, promising the worst pain and fears anyone could imagine. It seemed to suck and drain my very being into it. Water continued to spew everywhere while I stood frozen in time, rooted to the ground, my every fibre all tensed up. Somewhere from the back of my mind I knew that I had to stop looking, but I could not tear my eyes away from it. Those eyes just stared, and stared. I just continued staring, wholly entranced.

I didn’t even know how, yet when I suddenly opened my eyes, I was lying down, staring at a coal black sky. Somehow, I just knew the world had changed.

Ten Rules To Communicate Effectively 08

8) Visualize

“Paint a vivid picture. From M&M’s “Melts in your mouth not in your hand” to Morton Salt’s “When it rains, it pours,” to NBC’s “Must See TV,” the slogans we remember for a lifetime almost always have a strong visual component, something we can see and almost feel.”

Also, think Martin Luther King’s exceptionally amazing speech! All the metaphors, ahhh…