The Power of Habit

…So while I still have my momentum let’s get the ball rolling..!

There are many reviews about the book (which I really don’t have the time and interest to read, hahaa….. but I’ve pasted a link below) but what I’ve gained in short from this article is that:

A habit comprises three components:
1) A cue—a trigger for a particular behaviour;
2) A routine, which is the behaviour itself; and
3) A reward, which is how your brain decides whether to remember a habit for the future.

Habits create and are, in turn, powered by (neurological) cravings. This causes our brains to gradually associate certain cues with certain rewards, jumpstarting a craving subconsciously even if we did not feel it a moment before. When our cravings aren’t satisfied, we become unsatisfied and frustrated.

To create a habit, we first have to identify a simply and obvious cue. Clearly define the (‘healthier’) rewards to drive oneself into getting into the ‘routine’, best if the reward is specific. This allows one to focus on that particular craving when temptations arise. Cultivating the craving into a mild obsession can crowd out temptations. It also helps to create some sort of ‘signal’ to indicate your progress/that what you are doing is effective.

I apologise if it’s not quite ‘readable’ and does not flow like a piece of writing, but this is merely a short summary. Anyways this is a much understandable and impressive piece than mine haha:


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